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Hi, Louis
My sense is that Roberts is correct on all points of Marxist economic theory, but I always get the impression that there is a "revolutionary spark" missing in his almost  ad nauseum focus on the falling rate of profit and the inablity of the capitalist mode of production to overcome it while the capitalists seem bent on avoiding that reality. In the meantime, the political situation deteroriates even further withDPRK v. Trump (and all the capitalists); impoverishment and seeming dystopia resulting from environmental neglect confronted by natural catastrophes; and the continued murderous rampage of the increasingly militarized State on  oppressed peoples. Perhaps it is unrealistic to ask for a revolutionary political strategy from political economist, but it seems that there needs to be, let's say, a better "revolutionary political critique" that bridges between the accuracy of Marxist economic thinking and an increasingly volatile and dangerous social and political situation. I'm not sure I'm up to such a task, but I think perhaps a combination of you, Mark (L.) and John (R.) might?
Just a thought.
best regards,
PS: I recently met an intersting writer, Margie Newman, a daughter of a Holocaust survivor who came via Poland to Uruguay and then here. I mention her because she is also a graphic novelist working on both a humorous graphic novel involving Jewish "Communist 'Vacas' (cows)" and  a pair of over-sensitive oxen along with a personal memoir regarding her life as a daughter of a holocaust survivor and her experiences in a "socialist home" and her own involvement with "Marxist-Leninist" politics. She seemed a kindred spirit to you, so, I thought I'd mention it. I hope to find out her launch of the graphic novel and let you know about it if it interests you.  Comradely, MB
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In which Roberts critiques David Harvey.

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