[Marxism] Doug Henwood Dispatches Hillary and Her New Book to Remainder Bin of History | Washington Babylon

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Sep 25 11:18:38 MDT 2017

On 9/25/17 11:56 AM, Carl G. Estabrook via Marxism wrote:
> But the last year has seen the US political establishment turn aside those attacks and force the Trump administration to pursue the neolib and neocon policies - as HRC would have done. In that sense, she won. —CGE

Carl, you are the mirror image of the people who signed the Progressives 
for Obama open letter in 2007 except in this instance you seem to be 
making the case ex post facto for "Progressives for Trump". I can see 
the names already on that statement: Diana Johnstone, Boris Kagarlitsky, 
Mike Whitney and Slavoj Zizek. I'd come up with other names but more 
important work beckons.

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