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Mon Sep 25 14:54:00 MDT 2017

*K. Reimann reports from Dresden in eastern Germany:*

As we know, yesterday was Election Day in Germany. I knew exactly that,
despite my efforts, the AfD was going to win and that Angela Merkel was
going to remain in power simply by default. The SPD with Martin Schulz had
made no visible attempt at all to introduce themselves and present new
ideas here

One of the brilliant posters of the Afd. “Burkas? We prefer bikinis.”

at all, except for a few sings on lamp posts with things like *For Our
Children*. Blah, blah, blah. Nothing serious. Meanwhile the AfD had posters
that covered issues in the news, albeit in a most at least for me revolting
manner. We want Bikinis, Not Burkas. Increase the Birthrate, Make Babies,
etc. All things that are relevant.

And so, this morning, there was no shock in the least tiny bit. I even
forgot to look at the results until later in the morning because for me it
was so clear. The one thing that made me saddened me was that Saxony, the
part of Germany I live in, was so overwhelmingly pro AfD, and even more
specifically, that part of Saxony that includes Dresden. As with other
elections, I had to question where all these people were who voted AfD.
More than 20%. Not my circle of friends! But still, it didn’t take long to
think of people even in my circle (my daughter’s friends’ parents,
neighbors, etc) who might have (or even definitely did) voted for AfD. So,
I was not in the least tiny bit surprised.

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