[Marxism] NZ Labour Party and immigration

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 16:48:44 MDT 2017

The general election in NZ has given National a significantly larger share
of the seats and votes than the opposition Labour Party.  One of the
distinguishing features of Labour is that it is the more anti-immgration of
the two major capitalist parties.

In fact, in recent years the most significant utterings of Labour
politicians have been a racist campaign against people with
"Chinese-sounding surnames".

Yet, chunks of the left, including most of the minuscule far left, favour

An indication of the delightfulness of the NZ Labour Party:

Labour's racist roots:

First Labour government wanted 'Aryan' immigrants not Jewish refugees from
the Nazis:

A stain that won't wash off: Labour's racist campaign against those with
"Chinese surnames":

More Labour anti-Chinese racism - and the left tags along behind them

Immigration and citizenship - Labour versus workers:

When Labour began the dawn raids and then tried to rewrite history:

Depriving Samoans of immigration and citizenship rights:

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