[Marxism] Trotsky on the white worker

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Don't forget, at this point in history Du Bois had a set of views on the
CPUSA which were still evolving. In 1935 his Black Reconstruction was
laying out a vision of American history that was quite divergent from the
stage view of history promoted by the CPUSA. Also the Molotov-Ribbentrop
pact would alienate many Blacks within months of this exchange between
Trotsky and CLR. Claude McKay's recently discovered/published novel Amiable
with Big Teeth is interesting in this regard because it takes on the
earlier Ethiopia solidarity campaign.

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What does Trotsky mean by "separate" here? Did Trotsky not agree with Du
Bois and not Garvey?

I know Stalinists love to share Du Bois' attacks on Trotsky... But
didn't know if they disagreed on this issue.

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