[Marxism] [UCE] Re: Fwd: The Ken Burns Vietnam War Documentary Glosses Over Devastating Civilian Toll

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Louis Proyect wrote



The same happened in North Korea, conceivably far worse. North Korea is 
now being threatened again with unimaginably greater destruction.  And 
North Korea's history during the bombing and invasion is a story that 
achingly needs telling to a totally callous world in a time of growing 
tension over their development of nuclear weapons, in the way that Nick 
Turse briefly lays out in this article about Vietnam.

In 1975 I was in Tanzania. This was the headquarters for a number of the 
continent's liberation struggles. That atmosphere was contagious. I had 
read IF Stone's book on Korea, I had read about "juche," or self 
reliance, the name for the regime's official ideology, I had no reason 
to believe US sources about what was taking place in this isolated, 
besieged country, and I went to the North Korean embassy to get the 
collected works of Kim Il Sung, which I had heard had been made 
available in English for Africans. I was met by a young Korean woman 
outside the embassy, who spoke no English. She was in tears and 
overwhelmed, trying in every way she could to convey to this American, 
at least one of us, what my country had done to her country, and I 
listened with respect and concern, but the language barrier and any 
expression in either direction was very difficult. She did give me the 
collection, and since i was traveling over land in my several years 
odyssey across the world, making it impossible to take the collection 
with me, I left the works with African friends. Now of course I wish 
that I had kept it, given its historical relevance, and its invaluable 
perspective from the other side concerning a system that has somehow 
perdured despite unfathomable odds for almost 70 years, amid all the 
distorted information we've being fed.

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