[Marxism] identity politics

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 01:40:38 MDT 2018

 From Lou's post:* By showing that the white working class makes up a
larger proportion of the electorate than previously reported, the Pew
report — taken together with similar results in a study sponsored in
November 2017 by the liberal Center for American Progress — strengthens the
case made by Democratic strategists calling for a greater emphasis on
policies appealing to working class voters and a DE-emphasis on so-called
identity issues*

There is some talk of that here in Oz.  The problem is that with the rise
of neoliberalism we had a period of neoliberal radicalism with a cover of
identity politics. For example gays made gains during the terms of scumbags
like Blair.  The neoliberals used progressive politics as a cover.

But we must not throw progressive politics out with the neoliberal water.
I take it for granted that everyone on this list understands we need
socialist policies plus progressive "identity" policies.  Forgive me for
stating the obvious.



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