[Marxism] (9) Marx and World History | Michael R. Krätke - Academia.edu

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Apr 1 07:38:56 MDT 2018

(HT, Sebastian Budgen)

Marx undertook extensive historical studies, covering alarge part of 
what was then known as world history. The four large notebooks with 
excerpts from the works of (mainly) two leading historian of his time, 
Schlosser and Botta, have remained largely unpublished. In this article, 
Marx's last studies of the course of world history are contextualized: 
Marx’s previous historical studies and his ongoing,but unfinished work 
on the critique of political economy. The range and scope of his notes 
is astoundingly broad, going far beyond European history and actually 
covering many other parts of the world. Marx’s focus in these studies 
supports the interpretation offered in the article: that the author of 
“Capital” was fascinated by the long process of the making of the modern 
states and the European states system, one of the crucial prerequisites 
of the rise of modern capitalism in Europe.


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