[Marxism] Marx’s law of value: a debate between David Harvey and Michael Roberts | Michael Roberts Blog

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 09:35:41 MDT 2018

 Further on the question of other sectors and movements and which theory
(or multiple, noncompeting theories) best meets their needs.

Right now Kentucky teachers are on strike, and their foremost demand is
around pensions.
I don't know how DH would fit this into his schema. But take a look at the
chapter on pensions by Sarap Saritas Oran in the essential book cited by
DH: Bhattacharya, T., "Social Reproduction Theory."

Oran's article is one sustained and thorough argument for the centrality of
the value of labor power and how battles over pensions go on between
capital, its state and the working class to shape and reshape social
reproduction -- and are therefore battles over labor power's value and its
allocation. Most interestingly in her conclusion she points to finance
capital's need to redirect the surplus to the sphere of production and thus
divorce it from social reproduction.

I would argue that Oran's position fits squarely in the midst of Michael
Roberts' framework.

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