[Marxism] Madrid's mounting repression against Catalan movement provokes new international interest and solidarity

Richard Fidler rfidler at ncf.ca
Tue Apr 3 17:20:25 MDT 2018


The Spanish state’s repression against Catalonia’s democratic rights gets worse
every day. There are at this moment 10 leading politicians and activists in
prison, without having been condemned of any crime. They are accused of violent
rebellion, although they have never used violence. By mid April the two leaders
of the main Catalanist organisations, Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sánchez, will have
spent 6 months in prison.

And apart from the 10 political prisoners and 6 political leaders in exile, from
1 October until now there have been: 1,500 people injured while voting or
demonstrating; 150 fascist attacks; 140 web sites closed; police attacks on
journalists; censorship of rappers, writers and artists

In protest at this situation, there will be a united demonstration in Barcelona
on Sunday 15 April at 11 am, organised by a very broad platform of social
movements, including the ANC, Òmnium Cultural, trade unions, the neighbours’
organisations, youth movements, cultural and sporting organisations, the
federation of NGOs
 It will be a massive call for solidarity with the political
prisoners, and with all those suffering the current attacks in Catalonia and
increasingly in other parts of the Spanish state.

We call on international solidarity movements to organise actions over the
weekend of 14 and 15 April: demonstrations, rallies, public meetings, symbolic

If we allow repression to go unchallenged in Catalonia today, then fundamental
rights can be repressed tomorrow in any part of the world.

Please mobilise on 14-15 April. Defend democracy and human rights.  In Catalonia
and everywhere.

Full: http://tinyurl.com/ycekhrub

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