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This also aired last night here in Ontario, Canada:


One of Pinker's more notable talking points in this interview: that
inequality is something we shouldn't be focussing on, and, elsewhere, that
people are billionaires in an age of unprecedented inequality is not really
a moral outrage (says the Harvard professor). Abundance over distribution.

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> Given my old age frailties, I get up to pee multiple times at night. After
> returning to bed, I often turn on the radio briefly before going back to
> sleep. Among the preset stations is WOR-AM that hosts George Noory's "Coast
> to Coast", a talk show devoted to flying saucers, ESP, astrology, bogus
> health advice, Assadism (Noory is a rightwing Lebanese-American) and other
> forms of what Leon Trotsky described as "capitalist society...puking up the
> undigested barbarism" of fascism. Instead of the usual supernatural
> mumbo-jumbo purveyor, guess who Noory was interviewing last night. None
> other than Steven Pinker peddling his new book. Noory was glad to hear that
> we've never had it so good.
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