[Marxism] Chemical weapons redux: taking the world to the brink of annihilation | MR Online

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Apr 11 07:07:14 MDT 2018

Sad to see MROnline serving as a propaganda outlet for the mass murder 
that took place in Douma in December. I blame John Bellamy Foster and 
his Rasputin aide John Mage for hiring someone with the same rancid 
politics as Yoshie Furuhashi. I guess the only saving grace is that at 
least he or she does include some useful posts. In seven years of 
genocidal war, Monthly Review has not published a single article on 
Syria. Instead it has allowed the current online auxiliary outlet and 
the one that Yoshie ran to crosspost the worst kind of garbage. Rick 
Sterling's article linked below appeared on Mint Press, a tawdry 
publication that was notorious for its article blaming East Ghouta 
rebels in 2013 for gassing their own families through the accidental 
mishandling of sarin as if they were the Three Stooges tossing around 
bottles. A few days after the article appeared, the reporter under whose 
name it appeared demanded its retraction since she had nothing to do 
with it. I doubt that Foster or Mage have given much thought to Syria. 
At least Foster is spending his time productively researching and 
writing about ecosocialism. On the other hand, Mage, who serves on the 
editorial board and has never written a single article in the last 
decade, is a worthless individual with no saving graces.


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