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Wed Apr 11 18:51:30 MDT 2018

Not only would Assad need to be playibg the same role as Ho Chi Minh, but
Russia would need to be playing the same role as the USSR, whereas in fact
Russian imperialism un Syria is playing the same role as US imperialism in
Vietnam. Not that the US is playing the role in Syria that the USSR played
in Vietnam;    on the contrary,  it was USSR supplied anti aircraft
weaponry that helped the Vietnamese bring down hundreds of US warplanes,
 whereas in Syria the US has gone out of its way to block every possible
avenue for delivery of anti aircraft weapons to the rebels.

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> Monthly Review always had soft Maoist politics. In other words, Stalinism.
> All the Stalinists and "ex" Stalinists are now returning to their roots as
> far as the war in Syria is concerned. The role of the capitalist class in
> the ex-colonial world? Yes, they can play an independent and progressive
> role. Class struggle in the ex-colonial world? It doesn't exist. The
> independent role of the working class there? Also non-existent.
> What's so disgraceful is all the supposed "Trotskyists" who have adapted to
> this situation and in practice are taking the same position when it comes
> to Syria. I had a long time "Trotskyist" tell me that the Syrian capitalist
> class is "different" from the capitalist class in Saudi Arabia. The clear
> implication was that the Syrian capitalists can play an independent role.
> This same person accused me of taking the same position in relation to
> Syria as Max Schachtman took in the Vietnam War. As older comrades will
> probably know, Schachtman - the former Trotskyist turned hard core
> anti-Communist - supported the US invasion of Vietnam. There is just one
> little problem with that accusation - well, actually one of several: For me
> to be taking the Schachtman position, then Assad must be playing the same
> role as Ho Chi Minh!
> These comrades have been hanging out with the Stalinists too long.
> John Reimann
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