[Marxism] MROnline publishes nonsense once again

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Apr 13 08:06:05 MDT 2018

This time it is from Marxmail subscriber Vijay Prashad who is usually 
more reliable than Rick Sterling except when it comes to Syria 

MROnline posted an article by Prashad that originally appeared in 
Newsclick (https://newsclick.in/few-options-united-states-syria). He writes:

	Western media reports on the chemical attacks in Douma remain vague. 
The Wall Street Journal noted that it was not ‘clear who carried out the 
attack’, while the Associated Press said that it ‘was not possible to 
independently verify the reports’ that it had received.

As a Columbia University retiree, I continue to have access to 
Lexis-Nexis and the WSJ archives. I could find no articles containing 
the quoted text above.

Did Prashad make this up? It is entirely possible that there are some 
articles that fell through the cracks of Lexis-Nexis and the WSJ archives.

More importantly, he puts forward the same arguments as Max Blumenthal:

	The two groups that have been most certain that this was a chemical 
attack and that it was conducted by the Syrian government are the White 
Helmets and the Syrian American Medical Society. Both these groups are 
on the record as being against the government and seeking external 
intervention to help overthrow the government. Both the groups are 
closely allied to USAID, an agency of the US government. The Syrian 
American Medical Society is run by a former USAID, while the White 
Helmets have been recipients of USAID funds. The news coverage has 
largely been driven by the views of these two groups.

This kind of crude conspiracy-mongering junk has never appeared in 
Prashad's articles before. I would add that the Palestinian journalist 
who was gunned down by an IDF sniper was also the beneficiary of USAID 

It is really sad to see MR spreading this kind of horse manure and even 
sadder to see a distinguished scholar so willing to pick up a shovel 
alongside the unnamed and undistinguished webmaster of MROnline.

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