[Marxism] excerpts from an excellent critique of "self-help" books

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Fri Apr 20 23:54:21 MDT 2018

While it can be said that individual problems are manifestations of the problems of class society, I think that individuals can sometimes take action to improve their health and personal circumstances.  I’m not aware of any figures that could tell us how often that happens, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see that it can happen.

As for affirmations and personal self-confidence, there may be circumstances where they can help.
For example, if your job is to call on executives and sell them a staff development program, your attitude may help.
Much less helpful if your job is to weld cars or deliver parcels.

Some years ago I helped a neighbour raise a bit of money by taking her books to a second hand bookstore.  She had a stack of self-help books.  I learned that there is almost no market for second-hand self-help books.

		ken h

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