[Marxism] Mehdi Hasan, beautiful soul, and his diatribe against the consequential Left | what's left

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Apr 22 19:04:33 MDT 2018

(I don't think I am violating confidentiality but Rick Sterling wrote 
Jeff St. Clair about his submissions on Syria ending up in Jeff's 
vertical folder. He also complained about how it had become a platform 
for my views. CC'd in his complaint were all my favorite people: Yoshie 
Furuhashi, Ben Norton, Daniel Lazare and the woman who runs Mint Press. 
Jeff told Sterling that most articles on CP were in line with Robert 
Fisk and Patrick Cockburn, not me. Based on ultra-Assadist Stephen 
Gowans's attack on CP regular Eric Draitser below, it is clear that 
there are growing divisions between the Beeley/Sterling/Mackler wing of 
the Assadist movement and those still tethered to reality.)


Hasan and his coreligionist Eric Draitser, profess not to take sides. 
Instead, they claim to hover neutrally above the field of battle, siding 
only with such abstractions as “humanity,” as if humanity does not 
include contending forces, or, in Draitser’s case, with “the Syrian 
people”, as if the Syrian people does not include government forces, 
Islamist insurgents, and Kurdish fighters. Through a verbal sleight of 
hand they hope to conjure an artificial construct free from competing 
forces to which they can claim fealty and thereby avoid taking a side. 
This is a deception, and the position of cowards.

The intellectual predecessors of Hasan, Draitser, and their ilk likewise 
adopted a position of neutrality in the struggle between slave owners 
and the slave rebellion, deploring the methods of struggle chosen by 
both sides, but particularly the violence of the slave rebellion, the 
necessary condition of the slaves’ emancipation. “If only they could 
work out their disagreements amicably,” they sighed.

In the 1930s, the neutralists, seeking to hover God-like above the fray, 
refused to side with either the Communists or Nazis, abhorring the 
deployment of defensive violence by Communists and Jews against the 
Nazis who would destroy them.


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