[Marxism] Hegel on Slavery

Jeff Rubard jeffrubard at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 22:43:11 MDT 2018

Note: I think all Marxists should be properly appreciative of the fact that
Hegel was the first principled philosophical opponent of modern slavery
(one would think Kant would have been foursquare against it, but his views
on this, as well as many other "practical" matters, were somewhat
inconsistent). This quote from the *Philosophy of Right*, accompanied by my
own translation, will give you the idea.

So z.B. wäre für das römische Recht keine Definition vom Menschen möglich,
denn der Sklave ließe sich darunter nicht subsumieren, in seinem Stand ist
jener Begriff vielmehr verletzt; ebenso perikulös würde die Definition von
Eigentum und Eigentümer für viele Verhältnisse erscheinen.

"So, for example, no definition of 'human' was possible in the Roman law,
for the slave would not allow himself to be subsumed thereunder; in his
station the concept was damaged. Just as perilous would be the definition
of property and property-holding for many such 'relations' that appear

Hegel, *Outlines of the Philosophy of Right* (1821), Introduction

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