[Marxism] Anzac Day, Gallipoli invasion, NZ imperialism

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 07:18:39 MDT 2018

Today - Wednesday, April 25 - is Anzac Day in New Zealand.

It's a public holiday and also most supermarkets, shops etc are shut ion
the morning and only open after lunch.

It commemorates the attempted invasion of the Ottoman Empire in 1915 at

Anzac Day used to be a day of old-style imperialist militarist panoply and
began to be disrupted by anti-Vietnam War protesters.  Over the following
couple of decades, attendance at Anzac Day ceremonies dropped off

In the 21st century, however, it has been recast by a liberal ruling class
and attendances have gone up again.  Now it is part-and-[arcel of NZ's
boutique imperialism, to borrow a phrase frm my friend Tom O'Lincoln on the
Australian variety.

NZ imperialism these days is very much liberal imperialism, rather than the
old jingoist, blatantly reactionary type.

What is still glossed over, however, is that NZ was part of an invasion of
another country, one which had never even done NZ any wrong.

The politics around that originbal invasion are still lied about:

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