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a lot of "inside baseball" ---- not sure reading parts II and III were
worth it ....

(My $.02)

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> Trump is not proposing an end to American hegemony. Rather, he seeks a
> change in how the US exercises leadership and a consequent shift in
> international and regional orders. If your primary beef with American
> hegemony has been its hypocrisy—its failure to live up to its rhetoric
> about liberal order—then Trump wants to solve your problem: by making the
> order less liberal.
> America’s strategic position—its hegemonic leadership—is not a story about
> a colossus striding the world on its own two feet. It’s a function of the
> strength of its strategic partnerships and core allies. The post-1992
> order—for good or for ill—was very much a collective achievement. On its
> own, the United States is much less impressive than discussions of
> “unipolarity,” or the fantasies of certain flavors of nationalists, would
> have you believe.
> The immediate consequence of the rise of China and of Russian
> assertiveness lies in the breaking of the ‘greater west’s’ dominance over
> international-order making. For good or for ill, countries now have more
> options about where to go for development aid, security assistance, and
> geopolitical support.
> Because the concentration of raw power among the ‘core allies’ remains
> very impressive, their major problem lies in maintaining cohesion. But here
> they are doing very poorly, and right-wing populism (with the encouragement
> of Russia) is the major immediate threat. The longer-term challenge is
> renegotiating the bargain to reflect contemporary challenges.
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