[Marxism] "It will wipe out civilization within 5 years"

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Sat Aug 11 21:02:16 MDT 2018

Scripps Institution of Oceanography (est. 1903) La Jolla, CA is the perfect
location for meeting a world famous climate scientist. It is one of the
most beautifully sculpted campuses on the face of the planet, overlooking
the Pacific Ocean, an inviting scenario for serious surfers, but it also
beckons top-notch scientists from around the world.

Every view from the architecturally rich campus opens to an endless
panorama of gorgeous blue ocean waters and luscious white surf for as far
as the eye can see. However, that outward serenity belies a collapsing
climate system that’s out of public view, one of the great illusions of all

My first question: What is the single most serious threat to the planet?

Without hesitation, Dr. Wadhams explained: A sudden and huge pulse of
methane out of the East Siberian Arctic Shelf originating from its
extraordinarily shallow waters <50 meters, or a similar burst out of the
Laptev Sea, where 53% of the seawater rests on continental shelf averaging
depth of <50 meters.

Those extraordinarily shallow waters expose vulnerability to global warming
over miles upon miles of methane concentration, hydrates as well as free
gas, believed to be the world’s largest. The vulnerability relates to
methane in sediments capped by layers of permafrost left over from the last
Ice Age.

The dilemma is: The permafrost cap is rapidly thawing as a result of
anomalous retreat of summer sea ice.

My follow up question: What will be the impact of a 50Gt pulse?

Answer: “It would wipe out civilization within 5 years.”

End of Interview…



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