[Marxism] The Arctic big melt

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 14:01:48 MDT 2018

Even more worryingly, the Arctic also holds large reserves of methane, in
the form of clathrates—icy, lattice-shaped chemical structures known as
“the ice that burns.” Much of it is under the permafrost both on land and
under the sea, where it’s held stable by temperature and water pressure.
All of these factors make scientists worry about the consequences as they
watch Greenland’s ice melt ever more rapidly, permafrost melt extend in
places, and craters form as clathrates become unstable and explode. But
will any of these changes trigger a tipping point in the near future that
will make climate change unstoppable?

The great Dutch writer and historian Geert Mak once told me that in 1933
the Dutch newspapers were full of stories of the threat of Nazism, yet by
1938 those same papers were all but silent on the subject. Sometimes, it
seems, threats to our future become so great that we opt to ignore them.
Yet if we fail to act with the utmost urgency to slow climate change, we
will invite catastrophe on all humanity.


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