[Marxism] Recommending This CounterPunch Article On "Freak Show Democracy"

William Quimby quimbywm at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 14:27:24 MDT 2018

I'm not sure who Paul Street is - given the shakiness of left-supporting 
writers in CounterPunch and
other leftish publications he may be a secret Assadist, or have a 
library full of reactionary writers -
but these two paragraphs were precious!

Recommending the whole article.

- Bill

"There’s a lot of factors in play but one nobody seems to care about and 
that deserves far more attention
than it receives is the archaic, explicitly anti-democratic 18^th 
century aristo-republican U.S. Constitution
that we moronically venerate and follow twenty-three decades after it 
was ratified for the clear purpose of
protecting propertied elites against the non-affluent American majority.

Our Holy Constitution’s (OHC’s) Electoral College (EC) permits an absurd 
over-representation of rural
and disproportionately white, rural, racist, and Republican states in 
presidential elections.  We do not
elect presidents directly, on the one-person, one-vote basis of majority 
rule, an elementary principle of
democracy. The EC has trumped the popular vote in five presidential 
elections, including 2016 and two
of the last five."


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