[Marxism] Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, superstar -- and what Engels would have said about her

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
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"Most everybody goes to college".   Just not true and out of touch with the working poor.

As one who never finished high school and as just one of many in my poor Harlem New Yook City working class community, in the 1960's -

today the high school drop out rate in the poor Los Angeles working class communities that I reside in - is fifty percent.

And for those not aware, that not all high schoold graduates go to college and even fewer graduate from.

"Most people who want a profession" - really nice to state - shows how one identifies with those who physically labor

for economic Class reasons and often racism, are consigned to those  "non-professional' positions to be super expoited and discarded broken

in body and spirit.  And I am not speaking of reigious superstition and usage of mythical gods - in the meaning of "spirit", for those whose

language on this site mentions "god" in their writings and observations.

"Education has been cheapened", so states the same person - the reality is education, was always limited or unavailable to laborers, to limit
their knowledge and being more resistant to rulers and exploitation.  Those who were provided any awareness were most often due to huge
struggles by working people seeking better for their children.  Women and People of Color and poor ethnic caucasians viewed as lower on the
pecking order of who was "cultured and worthy" , were often denied any education, or the most limited to spend their lives in service to
"their masters".   WASP males of  land and wealth sons received "education" for their future "position". In my high school of only working poor's
children, there were only outdated "trades" to learn and no offer for any "professional" white collar job.  We were all expendable and designated
by the working class communities we resided in - to manual labor.

It was a Class thing that you might have heard about?  Today only those numbers required for operating any technical skills are given
a education limited only to operate but not encouraged to think critically or learn history.  And many are needed for those laboring
physical jobs that all on this list rely on and benefit from - and should recognize that Class issue - and are not "lesser people" because
they use physical labor to survive, in this capitalist system of eploitation and injustice.  Dividing of wage laborers - as who is "better
and more educated", is the bosses benefit and game.  The wealthy only relented to provide any education to have those who labor for
them be able to carry out their tasks with that limited knowledge and skill.  Never to advance the working class - but to benefit the rulers.

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Most millemials go to college. Most everybody goes to college. There are
about 30,000,000 people between 18 & 24 and around 20,000,000 will go to
college at any one time. Most people who want a profession are forced to
have at least a master's degree through competition if not outright
requirements. Education has been supersized while simultaneously cheapened
intellectually, in a gigantic new tithe. God help the kid who gets to 18
without a sure sense of what she wants to do and what education she needs
to buy to do it with. And who the fuck has that? Nobody tells kids the
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