[Marxism] Nicaragua

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Aug 30 11:44:23 MDT 2018

On 8/30/18 1:18 PM, John Reimann via Marxism wrote:
> Here is a series of three articles from an opponent of the Ortega regime.
> They are carried on the web site of a "Marxist humanist" group. Among other
> things, they allege torture of those held in prison by Ortega. I don't
> believe these allegations are a lie. Here the articles are, in order of the
> dates:
> https://www.marxisthumanistinitiative.org/international-news/nicaraguan-pensioners-and-students-fight-and-die-in-protests.html

"The protesting students built barricades and used artisanal arms (small 
morters used for religion celebrations, known as morteros, which are no 
match for real weapons)."

They might not be a match for real weapons but these mortars were first 
used in Venezuela by the student movement there. In fact, I don't see 
much difference between the two countries. Yes, Maduro and Ortega are 
not Lenin and Trotsky but the failure of the student movements to put 
forward a program that promises to transform the respective nations 
according to the ideals put forward in publications like Marxist 
Humanist Initiative or New Politics, I'll refrain from cheer-leading for 

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