[Marxism] Did Julian Assange help Trump get elected? Does it matter? | Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

Matt Harvey mattharveyt at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 14:02:46 MST 2018

The purpose of this piece, given its timing, should be further clarified as
it elides the central issue to any critics of US power (socialist and
bourgeois alike:) should Assange have the right to publish state secrets
(and gov’t officials and powerful politicians) without fear of becoming a
political prisoner? Any leftist answering in the negative must explain why
they see fit to side with the US imperialist class over its most high
profile (and highly targeted) dissident.

Moreover, this piece glosses over some serious questions in the DNC's
version of how (and by who) Podesta's emails were compromised and in turn
came into Wikileaks possession. (These problems hold true even if you
completely dismiss VIPS alternative hypothesis because the openly
pro-Ukrainian CrowdStrike, which fingered Fancy Bear, is inherently biased
and their evidence unconvincing.)

In any case, it's worth adding, you've overlooked an important part of
CrowdStrike/DNC's own narrative, namely that Podesta not only "click[ed] a
link that would protect his emails" (ie gave his password to a phishing
scam,) he did this *on the advice of a DNC IT expert *who said that the
scam email was "legitimate."  The reason I mention this detail because it
beggars belief that a highly paid IT consultant would be so incompetent,
and it is just a tiny one of the many inconsistencies that dog a version of
events that recklessly blames the Podesta dump on Russian espionage.

Its elementary liberalism that one can disagree with Assange’s "radical
transparency" agenda, while still finding room to defend his right to
publish what he pleases so long its true. And with the Pentagon's target on
his back, it would seem imperative.

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