[Marxism] Michael Roberto's book on US fascism

Michael Yates MIKEDJYATES at msn.com
Wed Dec 5 12:34:13 MST 2018

Is it that comrades cannot afford to buy Michael Roberto's book? As director of Monthly Review Press, let me offer this: If you can't afford the book, send me an email at mikedjyates at msn.com, and I will purchase it for you. Then, maybe later, make a small contribution to Monthly Review. We try to keep prices as low as possible, at least for paperbacks. We routinely give publishing  rights without charge to Presses in the Global South, mainly in India, so that friends there can translate our books into Hindi, Bengali, or maybe one or two other languages spoken by large numbers of people. These books are then sold for very low price. This is happening now with my book, Can  the Working Class Change the World?

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