[Marxism] [UCE] French Yellow Jackets and the calm Before the Storm

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 11:41:24 MST 2018

The wild and chaotic outburst of anger in the French Yellow Jacket movement
has been driven by conditions and factors very similar to here in the US:

   - Mass immiseration in the midst of plenty
   - A compromisist union leadership that has done its best to prevent a
   wider movement against neoliberal attacks on living standards
   - A brutal police attack on the original protest

We have seen the warning signs here: From the teachers strikes to
carpenters in the Pacific Northwest twice rejecting a contract negotiated
by their own union leadership. The relative quiet of the present cannot
last forever. It's true that the Yellow Jacket movement has all sorts of
confusions, including some right wing influences apparently, and so will a
movement here, for the same reasons. But socialists and activists need to
think about this situation.

Here's an article on this:
French “Yellow Jackets” and the Calm Before the Storm

John Reimann
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