[Marxism] The key to understanding America’s red-blue split isn’t ideology or culture. It’s economics. - The Washington Post

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Sun Dec 9 07:07:15 MST 2018

On 12/9/18 8:47 AM, Louis Proyect via Marxism wrote:
> (An rather obvious article by John J. Judis that is still worth reading. 
> It rules out the possibility that Red State bastions of support for 
> Trump can become the shock-troops in an assault on austerity. Wiki 
> states that Judis was a founding editor of Socialist Revolution (which 
> was later renamed Socialist Review and then Radical Society before 
> ceasing publication in 2009). In the 1970s he was a founding editor of 
> the East Bay Voice. He moved to Chicago in December 1976 to become the 
> foreign editor of In These Times, a democratic socialist newsweekly. 
> Wiki didn't mention it but Judis was also signed an open letter 
> denouncing the Sandinistas in 1983 that included Paul Berman, Charles 
> Krauthammer, Martin Peretz and other fuckwits. Naturally, this was just 
> the gesture that helped him land a job at the New Republic that leaded 
> in turn to work at the Washington Post.)

Almost as if on cue, here's an article showing how Hungarians, the 
people who voted for the racist Viktor Orban, have begun protesting his 
policies--even wearing Yellow Vests.

Hungarian workers protest over 'slavery law', students join in
Thousands demonstrate in Budapest against proposed changes to a law 
seeking rise in maximum overtime hours.


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