[Marxism] Anti-Zionism Isn’t the Same as Anti-Semitism

Michael Meeropol mameerop at gmail.com
Sun Dec 9 19:58:26 MST 2018

what a courageous piece of writing by Michelle Goldberg --- it is easier to
oppose Israeli government policy in Israel than in the US!

NY Times Op-Ed, Dec. 8, 2018
> Anti-Zionism Isn’t the Same as Anti-Semitism
> By Michelle Goldberg
> l
> In today's NYTimes Week in Review, there is an ad by FLAME asserting that
> anti-Zionism IS racism.   The reason -- by denying Zionism one denies the
> right of the Jewish people to exist!   (again -- Israel = ALL Jews  ---
> really lousy logic but it works for too many!!)    In the same section
> there is an very interesting article about the Holocaust Memorial in Israel
> having to kowtow to right wing dignitaries who practice anti-semitism at
> home and make a grand gesture of respecting Israel and the memory of the
> holocaust -- truly disgusting!

Think Goldberg has the much better argument!!!

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