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Here is a report on what is happening in Veterans for Peace, which has long
held a pro-Assad position.

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The results are in! For the 2018 Veterans for Peace Convention Resolution
2018-01, asking VFP to demand the *withdrawal of ALL foreign military from
Syria, including the US, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and all others*, the
national VFP membership voted as follows:

70 Yes

152 No

A total of 222 votes

Looking at the votes on the other resolutions, it is clear that over *VFP
400 members abstained* *from voting on the Syria resolution*.  For example,
the resolution opposing privatization of the Veterans Administration
received a total of 651 votes.


 Of the members voting on the Syria resolution, 32% voted in favor of
withdrawal of ALL foreign military.  This is a significant increase from
the 22% for a similar resolution last year.

That, coupled with the 4 members of the VFP Board of Directors who this
year supported it or abstained (there was unanimous board opposition last
year) indicates that *sentiment in VFP is shifting markedly towards a more
conscientious and truthful understanding of the horrendous conflict in

 The traditional VFP stance on Syria, the dogma of seeing it only in terms
of US intervention, refusing to condemn the crimes of Assad and his
patrons, is now seriously questioned by the VFP membership. 152 members
expressed support for that mistaken analysis. *470 refused to do so*.  The
membership is clearly not happy with the current public stance of VFP on
Syria. Is the leadership listening?

Andy Berman

VFP Chapter 27

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