[Marxism] The Historical Profession is Committing Slow-Motion Suicide

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 11:17:17 MST 2018

This is a big subject, but this approach reflects a very much a top-down
assessment . . . ie., that student demand is the engine behind all this.

The fact is that the colleges and universities have followed the lead of
secondary schools, etc. in dropping the history survey requirements.
Permitting AP (advanced placement) for entering freshman has also enabled
students to meet what were once college requirements in history or other
subjects by taking an often half-assed silly "course" on the side and
passing it.  These always accounted for the largest single chunk of history
enrollment.  They've also cut back on other requirements that have
encouraged people to get around the humanities.

This reflects institutional priorities rather than those of students.  And
those institutional priorities reflect the class priorities of those making
the final decisions about such things.

Mark L.

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