[Marxism] Yellow-vest protests in France- An extraordinary political school | Lefteast

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Dec 13 06:19:06 MST 2018

Hello, Professor Drweski. My name is Maria Cernat. I am a feminist, an 
academic and a journalist writing for Baricada.org. I am a lecturer at 
the Communication Sciences and International Relations Department, Titu 
Maiorescu University. I was very curious, and I am sure our readers are 
too, about the situation in France. I have a few questions that I hope 
you could answer for our readers.

Q: How would you describe the current protests taking place in France 
from an ideological point of view? Are they an expression of a class 

A: Objectively, it is certainly a class struggle since it is a protest 
of people from the working class and lower middle classes against 
inequality and the leading elites. But it started mainly in the 
peripheral regions of France, which have been marginalized by almost 
thirty years of neo-liberal and European Union policies. Though 
according to the polls this protest is supported by 70% to 80% of the 
French population, its core is concentrated around what we can call the 
depoliticized petite-bourgeoisie, which makes it sometimes appear 
“classless”. Large cities and their suburbs are less active in this 
movement than peripheral regions, and workers in local industries are 
more active than the ones from large industries. It is still a quite 
spontaneous movement, but nevertheless a class movement.


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