[Marxism] Yellow rage through Syrian eyes

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Thu Dec 13 07:26:24 MST 2018

Yellow rage through Syrian eyes

Abdulmonam Eassa <https://correspondent.afp.com/abdulmonam-eassa>, Sameer
Al-Doumy <https://correspondent.afp.com/sameer-al-doumy>, Zakaria Abdelkafi
<https://correspondent.afp.com/#email> Monday 10 December 2018

*Paris** -- Of the thousands of people witnessing the “yellow vest”
protests in Paris over the past few weeks, three young men have had a
decidedly different perspective.*

*Cameras in hand, they have had great fun at the demonstrations, exchanging
knowing looks, smiles and jokes whenever they crossed paths. Every once in
a while, a painful memory or a philosophical reflection would pierce
through the merriment. Then the good humor would return.*

*They are Syrians who have seen friends and loved ones die and their
hometowns reduced to rubble. Having escaped war, they are now covering
violence in a European capital. With a smile.*

*The “yellow vest” protests have gone on for four straight weekends and
have been some of the worst rioting France has seen in decades, with
hundreds arrested, millions of euros in damage and four people dead. The
police have fired tear gas, water cannon and stun grenades. The worst
damage has come over the past two weekends, when vandals and trouble makers
joined the original “yellow vest” demonstrators protesting against
declining living standards*

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