[Marxism] 1968 equal pay struggle at Fords, Dagenham

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Thu Dec 13 20:17:49 MST 2018

Seems incredible to think that this struggle took place in 1968.

"In 1968 three struggles by working class women in Britain helped inspire
the formation of the women’s liberation movement there: Hull fishermen’s
wives fought for better safety on trawlers, despite being told by the
bosses to keep quiet; London bus conductresses rebelled for the right to
become drivers; and women machinists at the Ford motor company’s giant
plant at Dagenham went on strike for equal pay.  The Ford women’s strike
led to the formation of the National Joint Action Committee on Women’s
Equal Rights, a union-based group focussed on equal pay and women’s rights
at work.  Over four decades later, the Ford strike has been dramatised, and
partly fictionalised, as a film: Made in Dagenham, directed by Nigel Cole
(Calendar Girls), produced by Steven Woolley (The Crying Game, Scandal,
Interview with the Vampire) and  partner Elizabeth Karlsen (The Crying
Game, Hollow Reed, Sounds like Teen Spirit), written by Billy Ivory, who
wrote for TV series such as Minder and Common as Muck, and starring Sally
Hawkins as strike leader Rita O’Grady, Daniel Mays as her husband Eddie and
Bob Hoskins as Albert, the women’s shop steward.  The theme song is sung by
1960s British pop star Sandie Shaw, who was a Fords Dagenham punch-card
operator several years before the 1968 strike.

"The film does a good job in portraying working class life in England in
the later 1960s and the sense that was in the air at the time that things
didn’t have to be that way, the kind of “sixties spirit” which spawned so
much rebellion and social change.  At the same time, however, the film’s
producers have been involved in making some. . .

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