[Marxism] American women of the far right

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 20:38:27 MST 2018

Women like Amanda and Erika also do the grunt work of pro-white activism.
And women like Tara and Ayla follow the time-honored tradition of bringing
up racist children—that #trad lifestyle they admire so much that once
included taking the family out for a day’s entertainment at public
lynchings. These women present outsiders with an “acceptable face” of white
supremacy, a soft, palatable point of entry with the nostalgic glow of an
idealized, wishfully apolitical past. This attempt to neutralize the stigma
of more overt racism makes women of The Movement valuable recruiting tools,
far more insidious than skinhead thugs or robed Klansmen. To understand the
radicalization of white supremacy in the United States, we need to
comprehend its roots as a complex, extensive ecosystem with unexpected hubs
of power.


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