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Oaklandsocialist has put together the "2019 Workers Hella Revolutionary
Calendar". It's marked the birth dates (or day of death, in cases where
birth date is unknown) of famous fighters for the working class and the
oppressed, as well as dates of important events. I've also included a
description of some of those dates - those that people might not be fully
familiar with. The more familiar people and events are not listed in this
summary, part of which is reproduced below. To view some of the months, and
the full summary of dates, go to:


Welcome to Oaklandsocialist’s *Hella Revolutionary Calendar for 2019*.
We’re hoping that it boosts your spirits (and knowledge) maybe a little
bit. Some of the events and people mentioned in the calendar are well known
and/or self explanatory. Some might need a little further explanation.
Readers can always find further explanation on the internet. We also
welcome any questions or comments. Write to: oaklandsocialist at gmail.com


January 1, 1905: The radical Industrial Workers of the World was formed.
This was the first major attempt at industrial unionism. “The working class
and the employing class have nothing in common,” was its motto.

January 1, 1912: Textile workers, mainly immigrants of 40 different
nationalities, speaking nearly as many different languages, united and went
on a months’ long strike for a shorter work week with no loss in pay.

January 4, 1901: C.L.R. James was a Jamaican Marxist and fighter for the
working class. His history of the Haitian revolution - “The Black Jacobins”
- is one of the great, great history books of all times.

January 4, 2011: Mohammed Bouazizi was an impoverished fruit seller in
Tunisia. Beaten by the police there, he burned himself to death in protest.
His action was the spark that set off the Arab Spring. His name deserves to
be remembered. For more information, see our pamphlet “What is Revolution?”
on Oaklandsocialist’s blog site.

January 12, 2010: It might seem strange to include a natural disaster on
this revolutionary calendar. In the earthquake in Haiti on that date,
though, the government literally collapsed. The US sent in troops to shore
up capitalism.

January 15, 1919: Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg were German
revolutionary Marxists and supporters of the Russian Revolution. They were
murdered by the forces of social democracy.

January 17, 1962: Patrice Lumumba was a revolutionary nationalist in Congo.
His murder was coordinated by the forces of the United States and the UN.

January 21, 1920: The Treaty of Versailles was the treaty that ended WW I,
“the war to end all wars”, also called the “war for democracy”. In reality,
it was a war waged by the imperialist powers to redivide up the colonial
world. It’s success in “ending all wars” can be seen in what’s happened


February 1, 1901: Langston Hughes was the US’s greatest poet and writer (in
our opinion). He was also a communist. “I wish the rent/was heaven sent,”
was one of his poems.

February 4, 1869: Big Bill Haywood was one of the founding members and a
central leader of the Industrial Workers of the World.

February 4, 1913: It was Rosa Parks’ refusal to give up her seat on a bus
in Montgomery, Alabama, that led to to the bus boycott and was one of the
opening acts in the civil rights movement.

February 18, 1906: P.J. McGuire was the founder of the Carpenters Union. An
associate of Karl Marx and a member of the First International, McGuire was
hounded out of power in the union by the business unionists who then took
power. The date of McGuire’s birth is not known.

February 22, 1943: Sophie Scholl was an underground organizer against the
Nazis in Germany. She was caught and executed on this date. Hardly more
than a teen ager at the time of her death, her name deserves to be

February 26, 1925: Robert F. Williams was a Korean War Veteran and a civil
rights organizer in North Carolina. As opposed to most of the rest of the
movement, Williams advocated and practiced armed self-defense. His book
“Negroes with Guns” is a classic.

March 2, 1896: In that year, the Italian colonialists invaded the Ethiopian
Empire. The Ethiopian King Menelik, having seen what was coming, had played
off the different European countries against each other and had gained some
modern arms from some of them. More important, in this battle the entire
Ethiopian population, male and female, old, young and in between,
mobilized. This resulted in what was probably the most resounding military
defeat of European colonialism in Africa.


March 3, 2016: Beta Caceres was a community rights and environmental
activist who was murdered in Honduras. All evidence points to the regime as
the culprit.

March 6, 2018: The West Virginia teachers strike set off a strike wave
among teachers across the United States.

March 21, 1960: The Sharpeville Massacre was a massacre carried out by the
police of the South African apartheid regime against some

*“In politics, abstract terms conceal treachery.” *from "The Black
Jacobins" by C. L. R. James
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