[Marxism] Gilets jaunes: a pioneering study of the ‘low earners’ revolt

Michael Meeropol mameerop at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 05:55:12 MST 2018

After reading the (admittedly preliminary) study, I am convinced and I want
to repudiate my fear (expressed a while a go) that this movement was a
potential right-wing (even fascist) movement.  Clearly, the people are
participating for appropriate --- class based --- reasons and have not
drank the "anit-immigrant" kool aid ---

Bravo for the French comrades ---- Americans unfortunately are less class
conscious and MUCH MORE nationalistic and racist --- but that's our problem.

Hopefully, this French movement will catch on elsewhere in Europe -- and
WHO KNOWS --- it might actually have a positive impact here ...

> Who are the gilets jaunes and what do they want? To answer these
> questions, a group of sociologists, political scientists and geographers
> have recently conducted a study of the motivations and socio-demographic
> profile of the movement. In this article, they present their initial
> findings.

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