[Marxism] India's farmers on the march

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 09:55:55 MST 2018

*Potteeswaran, a rice farmer, said he was holding the skulls of Murugesan
and Laxmi, a couple from Trichy in Tamil Nadu, who had killed themselves
over a bank loan they couldn’t repay. “When the bank seized their land,
they saw no other solution,” Potteeswaran said.*

*In April 2017, more than 150 farmers from Tamil Nadu
for almost a month at Delhi’s protest hub of Jantar Mantar. They sat
buck-naked, holding the bones of neighbors who had committed suicide,
and bearing
rats and grass in their teeth.*

*“In 2016, Tamil Nadu saw its worst rainfall in 140 years,” said
Aiyyakannu, who led the farmers’ protest. “We wanted to symbolically shame
our leaders into action.” They were back this time with farmers from five
delta districts devastated by the Gaja cyclone.*


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