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I strongly agree with this! It is a ridicolous approach of many proto-, 
semi- and full Stalinists to denounce every liberation struggle for 
receiving some kind of support by the U.S. In a period of Great Power 
rivalry it is only natural that each Great Power in some way wants to 
utilize "troubles" of their rival. But this does not deny the letigimate 
cause of such liberation struggles.

In WWI German imperialism supported the Irish figthers against Britain. 
In 1935, when Hitler and Mussolini were not on good terms, the Nazis 
sent weapons to Ethiopia in order to fight the Italian invasion. China 
and Russia support today the regime in Venezuela or Cuba which face some 
kind of aggression by the US (sanctions, threats, etc). According to the 
silly logic of such pseudo-"anti-imperialists" like Norton and Singh one 
could never support a struggle which receives some kind of aid from a 
Great Power. But in fact, these people are in no way anti-imperialists 
but rather pro-Russia/China social-imperialists concealed as 
"anti-imperialists". A widespread plague today!

Here is my take on the oppression of the 

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> An August, 2018 article by Ben Norton and Ajit Singh on the Grayzone 
> Project defended the Chinese government against charges that it had 
> put a million Uyghurs into detention camps. If this suggests that 
> these people had plummeted to new depths, it can at least be stated 
> that they didn’t fall too far. In Dantean terms, they are about 3 
> inches above the Ninth Circle.
> Norton, of course, is familiar to one and all as the journalist who 
> scrubbed his website of all anti-Assad articles once he made a Road to 
> Damascus conversion lubricated by jobs with Salon and then Alternet 
> that were peddling the standard pro-Assad propaganda found on the 
> liberal left.
> Ajit Singh was a new name to me. A brief look at an article he wrote 
> for Telesur should give you an idea of his perspective on China:
>     While capitalists exist in China today, unlike in capitalist 
> societies, they are isolated and not organized in pursuit of their 
> collective interests. Instead, they exist under the rule of the 
> socialist state to aid national economic development. Capitalists 
> transgressing their boundaries are swiftly dealt with by the Communist 
> Party and the Chinese people. An annual list of China’s richest 
> citizens is commonly called the “death list” or “kill pigs list” 
> because those named often are later imprisoned. Capitalists also 
> regularly get taken hostage by workers to win labor victories with 
> police actively assisting workers.
> When I read this, I laughed so hard that the ginger ale I was drinking 
> squirted out of my nose. The only people who write such nonsense tend 
> to occupy the netherworld of old-school Stalinism, like the theologian 
> Roland Boer in Australia. Most people on the left tend to identify 
> with the young Maoist students who are facing repression for standing 
> up for the working class in China while Singh and Norton would have 
> you believe that the country’s government is wisely and benignly 
> committed to the construction of socialism even though Jack Ma, the 
> CEO of Alibaba, is a member of the CP and worth a cool $40 billion.
> full: 
> https://louisproyect.org/2018/12/15/a-reply-to-ben-norton-and-ajit-singhs-hatchet-job-on-the-uyghurs/
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