[Marxism] A reply to Ben Norton and Ajit Singh’s hatchet job on the Uyghurs | Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

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Sat Dec 15 20:23:08 MST 2018

Should the Bolsheviks have been condemned for Lenin's acceptance of
Germany's allowing him to travel by train through their occupied territory
to return to Russia in April 1917? Should the USSR under Stalin be
condemned for accepting aid from US and British imperialism during WW 2???

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> I strongly agree with this! It is a ridicolous approach of many proto-,
> semi- and full Stalinists to denounce every liberation struggle for
> receiving some kind of support by the U.S. In a period of Great Power
> rivalry it is only natural that each Great Power in some way wants to
> utilize "troubles" of their rival. But this does not deny the letigimate
> cause of such liberation struggles.
> In WWI German imperialism supported the Irish figthers against Britain.
> In 1935, when Hitler and Mussolini were not on good terms, the Nazis
> sent weapons to Ethiopia in order to fight the Italian invasion. China
> and Russia support today the regime in Venezuela or Cuba which face some
> kind of aggression by the US (sanctions, threats, etc). According to the
> silly logic of such pseudo-"anti-imperialists" like Norton and Singh one
> could never support a struggle which receives some kind of aid from a
> Great Power. But in fact, these people are in no way anti-imperialists
> but rather pro-Russia/China social-imperialists concealed as
> "anti-imperialists". A widespread plague today!

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