[Marxism] The Democrats' success at keeping Haitian wages at 31 cents an hour

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 09:02:37 MST 2018

" A Wikileaks post published on The Nation shows that the Obama
Administration fought to keep Haitian wages at 31 cents an hour.

It started when Haiti passed a law two years ago raising its minimum wage
to 61 cents an hour. According to an embassy cable:

This infuriated American corporations like Hanes and Levi Strauss that pay
Haitians slave wages to sew their clothes. They said they would only fork
over a seven-cent-an-hour increase, and they got the State Department
involved. The U.S. ambassador put pressure on Haiti's president, who duly
carved out a $3 a day minimum wage for textile companies (the U.S. minimum
wage, which itself is very low, works out to $58 a day).

Haiti has about 25,000 garment workers. If you paid each of them $2 a day
more, it would cost their employers $50,000 per working day, or about $12.5
million a year ... As of last year Hanes had 3,200 Haitians making t-shirts
for it. Paying each of them two bucks a day more would cost it about $1.6
million a year.

Hanesbrands Incorporated made $211 million on $4.3 billion in sales last

Thanks to U.S. intervention, the minimum was raised only to 31 cents. "




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