[Marxism] Adam Schiff’s Plans to Obliterate Trump’s Red Line | The New Yorker

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Dec 17 06:20:38 MST 2018

President Trump said some time ago that he believes his personal 
finances should be off limits to investigators. In an interview with the 
Times in July, 2017, he asserted that if Robert Mueller, the special 
counsel, sought to investigate the Trump family’s business dealings he 
would be crossing a “red line.” When, later that year, several news 
reports suggested that Mueller had subpoenaed Deutsche Bank for records 
relating to Trump’s businesses, the President reportedly told members of 
his staff that he wanted to fire Mueller in response. It was never 
confirmed whether Mueller had actually subpoenaed Deutsche Bank, but the 
President’s aversion to the scrutiny of his business interests caught 
the attention of Representative Adam Schiff, who will become the 
chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence next 
year. On a recent weekend, at a busy restaurant in downtown Burbank, in 
the heart of his congressional district, Schiff talked about his plans 
for conducting an investigation that will be parallel to Mueller’s, 
probing Trump’s connections to Russia, Saudi Arabia, and other places 
around the world. As Schiff described his approach, it became clear that 
he wasn’t just planning to cross Trump’s red line—he intended to 
obliterate it.


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