[Marxism] [UCE] US troops in Syria

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Mon Dec 17 22:56:37 MST 2018

An interesting article on the continuing presence of US troops in N. E.
Syria. It's clear that they're there to carve out a region of influence in
Syria, mainly to counter Iran as well as to counter any possible return of
the Islamic State. It's also clear that their #1 ally in the region is the
Kurds. So, what do all those alt lefts who uncritically support the
Kurds/PYD say - the same ones who claim that everything that's happening in
Syria is a matter of US inspired "regime change"? How do they explain that
the Kurds are the #1 US ally there? And another thing: They say that it's
okay for Russia and Iran to intervene in Syria because they have intervened
at the request of the "legitimate, recognized government of Syria". Well,
these same alt lefts also in general support Kurdish autonomy. So, if the
US is there at the request of the PYD, then the alt lefts should be
supporting US presence there. (Incidentally, the recognized government of
Yemen, lead by Hadi, has asked Saudi Arabia to intervene there. So I
suppose that makes that intervention okay too?)

As far as the PYD itself, I think the article shows that there is
legitimate reason to question their rule and whether their legitimate
struggle for Kurdish national rights hasn't overflowed to include now
repressing the Arabs in the region.


John Reimann

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