[Marxism] The assault on gender-critical feminists

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 23:42:50 MST 2018

There is an ongoing and extremely nasty campaign to silence women,
especially gender-critical feminists. It is being waged by elements of the
new trans movement and involves no-platforming feminists, a wide range of
threats (including rape and death threats), lots of incitement to violence,
attempts to get gender-critical feminists thrown off social media and their
websites closed down and to get them fired from their jobs. Daphna Whitmore
examined just some of this campaign:

What I find truly callous and cowardly is the preparedness of a swathe of
male leftists to ignore this campaign and, in a number of cases, to
actually help enable it.

The campaign itself is largely being conducted, of course, by biological
males albeit ones who self-ID as women and even lesbians (albeit

Some of the men here really need to seriously look at themselves and their
silence on this vicious - and misogynistic - campaign.  Take a look, for
instance, at some of the material highlighted on the peaktrans site:


Since when did the rights of women become so unimportant/

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