[Marxism] Counter Hegemony and the Rise of a New Historical Political Block

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Dec 19 05:48:59 MST 2018

A critique of radical -and by now mainstream- anti-immigrant populism in 
Europe based solemnly on ideals of liberal-humanitarianism, without a 
systemic critique of capital is misleading in many respects. Such 
Analysts and commentators fail to understand properly or they just 
ignore, why institutionalized solidarity has not got embedded into 
societies, why large scale often lower class masses loudly reject help 
now, why Eastern Europe started the nationalist ‘revolt’, and why 
migration has gone up in the era of globalization, what are the root 
causes and what political consequences we face.  Without re-embedding 
migration into its social context, critiques repeat only Kantian ideals 
of humanitarianism, promote peaceful co-existence and reject 
Eurocentrisms and racisms as verbal and institutionalized acts. While 
with an unsystematic critique, we fail to see that by now migration 
symbolizes and represents some of the key contradictions of this newest 
cycle of globalization (and thus the historical force to push into a new 
global regime of capitalism). In short, we can easily miss the need to 
see events of right wing radicalization as an outcome of a global 
opening up within the hierarchically developing and destabilizing global 
capitalism. Here I try to give some key analytical perspectives, how we 
can understand these developments from a Gramscian Marxist 
historical-structural perspective, and why this change has been almost 
inevitable seeing the interplay between materials and ideational processes.


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