[Marxism] Revolutionary socialist women oppose the fear mongering and transphobia of the “radical feminists”

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Philip Ferguson implies that all opposition to the reactionary transphobia, anti-intellectualism, and the impoverished theory of transexclusive radical feminists comes from males. I suspect this is not surprising given the theory from whence this monstrous hate campaign has arisen. Cisgender Marxist feminists like myself have been fighting the biologism and essentialism and non-class struggle outlook of this tendency since the late sixties and early seventies. We had to counteract their insane campaigns in the 1980’s in which they allied with the extreme right to censor pornography and assert that “all penetration is rape” a la Andrea Dworkin. We have had to battle the rotten influence of a theory that postulates sex as a class and other inanities. This latest outrage should not be surprising given the depths to which they stooped in the eighties. Revolutionary socialist women from around the globe have condemned this hate mongering and turned their attention to the massive strike waves of women that are shaping new solidarities, including transinclusive solidarities, and new united fronts in the resistance to the attacks in the working class. Revolutionary socialist women are reinvigorating Marxist feminist theory and enriching the literature on social reproduction, all to further bury this reactionary strain of thought that is such a terrible obstacle to unity of the oppressed.  

You should really be ashamed of promoting this sorry excuse for feminism. 

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There is an ongoing and extremely nasty campaign to silence women,
especially gender-critical feminists. It is being waged by elements of the
new trans movement and involves no-platforming feminists, a wide range of
threats (including rape and death threats), lots of incitement to violence,
attempts to get gender-critical feminists thrown off social media and their
websites closed down and to get them fired from their jobs. Daphna Whitmore
examined just some of this campaign:

What I find truly callous and cowardly is the preparedness of a swathe of
male leftists to ignore this campaign and, in a number of cases, to
actually help enable it.

The campaign itself is largely being conducted, of course, by biological
males albeit ones who self-ID as women and even lesbians (albeit

Some of the men here really need to seriously look at themselves and their
silence on this vicious - and misogynistic - campaign.  Take a look, for
instance, at some of the material highlighted on the peaktrans site:


Since when did the rights of women become so unimportant/

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