[Marxism] Reimagining the human | Science

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Dec 19 15:32:07 MST 2018

Earth is in the throes of a mass extinction event and climate change 
upheaval, risking a planetary shift into conditions that will be 
extremely challenging, if not catastrophic, for complex life (1). 
Although responsibility for the present trajectory is unevenly 
distributed, the overarching drivers are rapid increases in (i) human 
population, (ii) consumption of food, water, energy, and materials, and 
(iii) infrastructural incursions into the natural world. As the “trends 
of more” on all these fronts continue to swell, the ecological crisis is 
intensifying (2–4). Given that human expansionism is causing mass 
extinction of nonhuman life and threatening both ecological and societal 
stability, why is humanity not steering toward limiting and reversing 
its expansionism?


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