[Marxism] The assault on gender-critical feminists

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 23:46:13 MST 2018

The sight of men downplaying threats of violence against women, especially
lesbians, is always awful.

People can check just some of the material themselves and see it is not

And, of course, there is no equivalence of threats on the part of lesbians
against trans who identify as female as lesbian (the kind of lesbians who
say things like "TERFS can choke on my girl-dick").

The behaviour is overwhelmingly one way.  It really should not be excused.

Some examples:

We are now going round in circles.  MM wants to blame the lesbians who are
getting abused in this way and play it down in my view.  MM thinks the
starting point is elswhere.  We're not going to agree.  People can read the
material - well, where the trans censors haven't gotten gender-critical
feminists shut down - and make up their own minds.


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