[Marxism] US – China rivalry – Brinkmanship and Blinksmanship

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Thu Dec 20 08:10:37 MST 2018

clip - Our daily newsfeeds are filled with stories about the spiraling
conflicts between the U.S. and China: They’re poised on the precipice of a
trade war. They’re fighting over intellectual property rights. They’re
arresting each other’s diplomats and business executives. And, most ominous
of all, the U.S. is challenging China’s rule over the seas off its coast,
where China has seized and militarized islands claimed by U.S. allies.

The competition between these two powers will be the central inter-imperial
rivalry of the 21st century
<https://isreview.org/issue/100/asymmetric-world-order>, and it is already
tearing at the neoliberal world order and the world economy.

But the contours of the conflict are complicated. It seemed to reach a new
stage recently with the shocking arrest of a Chinese tech executive in
Canada at the behest of the U.S. That followed increasingly belligerent
statements from the Trump administration, like Vice Precedent Mike Pence’s
saber-rattling speech at the Hudson Institute, which basically announced a
new cold war on China.

Yet at the same time, with the administration poised to escalate the U.S.
trade war with China
<http://socialistworker.org/2018/09/24/trumps-trade-war-lurches-forward> in
the run-up to the G20 summit in Argentina at the end of November,
brinkmanship turned into “blinkmanship” — both sides backed away, agreeing
to three months of trade negotiations that started on December 1.

To understand the various episodes in this continuing imperial battle, it
is important to start with looking at its economic and political sources
and how these factors have played out over the last several decades.

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