[Marxism] Why I’m Suing Max Blumenthal and Benjamin Norton – Sulome Anderson – Medium

Alan Ginsberg ginsberg.alan1 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 21:53:40 MST 2018

A.R.G. asks: "What, specifically, is the defamatory statement? "

The article states that the complain has not yet been filed, so I can't
provide a definite answer. However, according to the article:

"The complaint I’m about to file, with the help of a law firm that has
taken on the case pro bono, details a long list of politically motivated
attacks against myself as well as many other journalists, rescue workers
and activists whose work counters Russian and Syrian propaganda. These
coordinated attacks frequently put my personal safety at risk by alleging
that I am an agent of the U.S. or Israeli governments."

If Blumenthal and Norton falsely alleged that a journalist is an agent of
the U.S. or Israeli governments, that could constitute a defamatory

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